Our Goal: 100% Safe and Accident Free Services.

For BNC Power, safety of the consumers and its technicians as well as staff is of primary importance. Therefore, we ensure that we adhere to high standards of safety in order to provide a seamless and safe environment to consumers as far as power transmission is concerned.

Corporate Management; Community Communication and Stewardship and Culture of Safety are the foundation pillars of our health and safety policy.

Some of the key safety norms that BNC power adheres to are as follows-

  • Usage of effective and high quality grounding sets to eliminate any ill effects due to electrostatic induction.
  • Usage of personal protective equipments to help the linemen while they take Live Line maintenance work.
  • We have a holistic site risk assessment and circuit identification process which helps us identify any probable risks or constraints that might be faced by the transmission lines.
  • We also focus highly on first aid training, rescue procedure training, etc.

Additionally, we do rotation of work roles as well to ensure that we have transparent and holistic risk assessment procedures which can help us arrest any risk issues effectively.