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Live Line Maintenance of EHV Transmission Lines & Substations upto 400 KV

We, at BNC Power offer A to Z maintenance service of extra high voltage live lines for state electricity board and other private industries. Maintenance of EHV lines is crucial in today’s rapid development in all the sectors, like petroleum, mining, agriculture, tourism and industrial. Our maintenance of EHV lines helps in reduction of the outages along with breakdowns. We implement proper live line maintenance techniques which include: hot stick method, bare hand method and rubber gloves method.

The Hot Stick Technique:

This technique employs an epoxy glass stick that protects the line worker from a grounded source while working on live lines. The stick insulates the lineman from the electricity and allows to work without any hazard. This technique allows working on live line from 132 KV to 220 KV voltage level.

Bare hand Technique:

By utilizing this technique, our expert team works on high voltage transmission lines for maintenance works.

Rubber Gloves Technique:

This refers to usage of insulating gloves and sleeves while working with scaffolds, ladders, which protect the hands while performing any repair or maintenance work.

Our EHV Live Line Maintenance works include:

  • Live line testing of insulators.
  • Live line contact resistance measurement of diverse bolted joints, compressed dead-ends and mid-span joints etc.
  • Replacement of all types of insulators like tension strings or suspension strings.
  • Replacements of 400 KV tension insulator and 400 KV suspension insulator strings.
  • Repairing of full load conductors with the help of sleeves and strengthening, replacement of mid-span joints.
  • EHV live line washing of insulator strings.
  • Measurements of temperature at clamp terminals and connectors.

Thus, BNC Power takes a plunge in offering efficient and accurate live line maintenance in India with utmost safety.